As you already know, it is possible to embed only unlisted or public YouTube videos on a website. Links to these videos, however, could be freely shared and anyone with a link can watch them. Embed Private YouTube Video is a service that enables you to embed a private YouTube videos on your website. Providing this, it prevents your website visitors or registered users from freely sharing your valuable YouTube videos.

Who is this service for?

Whether you are building an online course website, a membership website with restricted video content, an eLearning platform, or you create video art and you are hosting your videos on YouTube, this service is right for you.

This service finds a great use for:

  • coaching websites,
  • online conultants,
  • music artists,
  • video artists,
  • video tutorial webistes,
  • any other website or business that uses video

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Why would I need it?

If you want to embed YouTube videos on your website while making sure that no one besides your users will be able to watch them.

How do I use it?

You can use our service with our unique plugin for a WordPress based websites, by using provided HTML/JavaScript code for any kind of website or by publishing your private YouTube videos on your profile page on our website.

What are alternatives to Embed Private YouTube Video?

Most known alternatives are Vimeo PRO, Wistia & VdoCipher.


Advantages over other services

To protect your work, you need a video hosting platform that offers various access restrictions. Different platforms offer different kinds of protection but they may not suit your specific needs or they might be too expensive for your project phase or too technically demanding and complicated to use.

See following comparison table of most known services for hosting and embedding videos.

YouTube vs Vimeo vs Amazon vs Wistia - Comparison Table