1. How does this work?
    To achieve this functionality – enable you to embed private Youtube videos in your WordPress website, this software uses the official YouTube API. The plugin actually consist of three components – YouTube API Client, WordPress plugin and an application located on our server.
  2. What do I need to “Authorize” and why?
    As mentioned in the previous point, the plugin consists of three components and one of them is YouTube API Client which accesses your YouTube account via the official YouTube API. YouTube API client automates management of your YouTube video settings. By authorizing the YouTube API client, you are giving it permissions to change settings of your videos so they can be embedded into your website pages.
  3. Can I revoke the permissions that I granted to API client?
    Yes. You can revoke the granted permissions at any time but the plugin will immediately stop working properly. Revoking the permissions will result in plugin not being able to embed private videos anymore. If you want to revoke granted permissions, go to your Google account settings – https://accounts.google.com/ and follow these steps:

    1. Click “Connected apps & sites“;
    2. In a box named “Apps connected to your account” click “MANAGE APPS“;
    3. Locate and click on “Embed Private YouTube Video“;
    4. Click the “REMOVE” button;
    5. … and you are done.

    It’s simple as that and you can do it whenever you want.

  4. Is this plugin compliant with YouTube’s Terms of Service
    Yes. This plugin is completely compliant with YouTube’s Terms of Service and the app is verified by Google. The plugin is not accessing any YouTube Content through technology or means, other than what is explicitly authorized by YouTube.

  5. Can I test the plugin before I buy it?
    Yes. You can test embedding your private YouTube video here.
  6. Why do you charge monthly subscription?
    As mentioned before, This software consists of three components of which one is located on our server. Running a server includes some costs and our moderate monthly subscription is there to cover them.
  7. May I cancel my subscription?
    Yes, of course. You can cancel your subscription and stop using our service at any time you want.
  8. Does this work with private YouTube live stream?
    The service doesn’t work with private YouTube live streams. It works only with pre-recorded videos.