1. After logging in to the control panel, register your website domain name.
  2. Go to your website Dashboard (yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/), click on the menu item Embed Private YouTube Video -> Authorization and follow the procedure.
    Authorize Google App 1Authorize Google App

    If you want to revoke permissions granted to this App, you can do it anytime by removing it from Third-party apps with account access at Apps with access to your account page.

  3. After successful authorization, in the same window, you will see a slider with videos hosted on your YouTube account.
    Google App authorized
  4. To embed your first private YouTube video:
    • Click to add a new page or post;
      • enter the title (eg. “My Private YouTube Video”),
      • enter the desired textual content,
      • click on the button,  Insert YouTube video,
        Insert Youtube Video

        Alternatively, you can use shortcode [yt_video]ytvideoid[/yt_video] or [yt_video controls="0" autoplay="1" end="20"]ytvideoid[/yt_video], if you want to pass supported parameters.

        Supported parameters are - autoplay, cc_lang_pref, cc_load_policy, color, controls, disablekb, end, fs, hl, iv_load_policy, loop, modestbranding, rel, start. See this page for detailed description.

      • select the desired video from the slider and click the Insert video button,
        Insert video slider
      • hit the Publish button.